Application Form

Section 1 - Eligibility

1. Are you an Indian citizen?*
2. Is your startup incorporated as a Pvt. Ltd Company?*
a. Is >51% owned by Indian citizens?*
b. Date of incorporation?* Firms registered before 1st January 2014 are not eligible.
c. Registered Company Name* (as registered in MCA website)
d. Website (if any)
3. Describe your product in 10 words or less*
4. What is the current stage of your product?*
5. Do you have a product that is customer validated?*
5b. Customer validation stage*
Please share the stage of customer validation with specific reference to the product that you plan to develop as part of the Plugin program?
6. Do you own the IP for the core technology in the product you plan to incubate in this program?*
7. Are there any legal proceedings filed against the co-founders or the registered entity?*
8. I agree to Terms & Conditions*

Section 2 - Details of Applicants

Other City*

Founder Details

Founder 1 (Primary Applicant)
Role in the organization*
Time commitment:*
Founder 2
Role in the organization*
Time commitment:*
Founder 3
Role in the organization*
Time commitment:*
Founder 4
Role in the organization*
Time commitment:*
10b. Do you have a founder’s agreement?*
11. Number of full time employees on the team(not including interns and founder/s)*
12. Have you raised any investment till date?*
12b. How much have you raised and when?
No Type Amount (in INR Lakhs) Date (MM/YYYY)
1 Bootstrapped
2 Friends & Family
3 Investor
4 Govt Grants
5 Awards
13. Are you currently generating any revenue?
14. Are you/ have you been part of any other incubation/accelerator program? (75 words)*

Section 3 - Details of Innovation

15. What industry vertical does your startup primarily identify with?*
16. Which technology horizontal do you identify with?*
17. Which of the following industry challenges do you associate with?
The challenges have been received from our industry collaborators viz.
Please select the challenge that the product you wish to incubate during Plugin Edition 3 would address. In case you feel that the same product is being able to address multiple challenges please identify the top 3 challenges in order of priority. The detailed description of the challenges can be found here

Select Sector*
Sl. No Sector Challenges Challenge selected Priority
1 Manufacturing / Industrial Inspection: Reflective surface / Textile surface / Automotive parts / Engine block/ Pipe / Industrial parts
2 Manufacturing / Industrial OCR-Handwriting(English)/printed documents
3 Manufacturing / Industrial Autonomous weight carrying robots /segmentation support /Collison avoidance and detection
4 Manufacturing / Industrial Terrain mapping and analysis / multi camera stitching / rendering
5 Manufacturing / Industrial Facial recognition / worker safety / worker compliance
6 Manufacturing / Industrial Freight or parcel dimensioning with barcode / QR code reading capabilities
7 Manufacturing / Industrial Process or industrial automation and physical modeling / digital twin
8 Manufacturing / Industrial Robotic pick and place with occlusion (homogenous and non-homogenous) 
9 Manufacturing / Industrial Development of Real time manufacturing intelligence system in lubes filling plants/LPG bottling plants
10 Manufacturing / Industrial Fraud Detection using AI/ML and Analytics – all SBUs, Refineries, Support Functions
11 Manufacturing / Industrial Brand Protection / Counterfeit detection
12 Manufacturing / Industrial Safety SOP Compliance – No Safety No Operations
13 Manufacturing / Industrial Procurement Platform using Blockchain Technology – all SBUs
14 Manufacturing / Industrial Document Management System - Fast digitization of physical documents and catgorization / contexutalization
15 Manufacturing / Industrial Smart Contracting and Logistics management
Sl. No Sector Challenges Challenge selected Priority
16 Healthcare AI based disease screening and diagnostic (Preferably multimodal or single modal with high compute complexity) for use cases in primary health & wellness centres, diagnostic labs and hospitals
17 Healthcare Security of AI models and applications deployed at the edge
18 Healthcare Immersive medical simulation technologies
19 Healthcare AR and VR in Healthcare and Medicine
20 Healthcare Elderly assist applications with video and / or speech analytics
21 Healthcare Continuous monitoring of patients (ICU and In-patients) post operation
Sl. No Sector Challenges Challenge selected Priority
22 Retail Predictive algorithm using retail analytics to enable store level targeting and personalized selling recommendations
23 Retail Leverage “voice” to enable voice based ordering & voice assisted selling and simplify the end to end ordering process
24 Retail Enhancing sales promotion by purchase history analysis & sales promotion by shopper clustering using POS data
25 Retail Enhancing sales promotion by shopper attribute analysis using image and data analysis
26 Retail Face recognition technology for automated checkout with no risk of masquerade, loyalty program and enhanced customer experience
27 Retail Smart shelf with inventory management, real time update of stock in the shelf. If the stock reaches threshold limit alerts to store manager to fill the shelf.
28 Retail Monitoring, control and deviation escalation of energy and temperature parameters, along with predictive maintenance of electrical equipment inside the store - analog and digital
29 Retail AI based Store Operation application with components of Computer Vision, Image Processing, OCR features to automate the verification process
Sl. No Sector Challenges Challenge selected Priority
30 Banking CV scoring solution to score the CVs (Text, Video, Audio) and tag them with relevant job profiles for quick retrieval of most relevant CVs as per job description.
31 Banking Vehicle Detection and Classification based on vehicle attributes from different sources at FASTag tool booth
32 Banking Reduction of customer servicing time by instant welcome notification to mobile for the customers to pick & avail service upon Branch entry
33 Banking Customer retention strategy by identifying loyal & preferred customers of the Bank and recognition & rewards plan
34 Banking Eliminating frauds by introducing face id / Bio metric based authorization at Branch transactions
Sl. No Sector Challenges Challenge selected Priority
35 Cross Industry Any innovative core horizontal technology platform that is cross industry that can be used across vertical industries (Video analytics, Surveillance, AR/VR, Security, Manageability, etc.)
36 Cross Industry If you have a customer validated problem area that you’re building the right innovative solution for across any of the 4 vertical of Retail, Healthcare, Industrial/Manufacturing, Banking, we want to hear from you
37 Cross Industry Any hardware technology product being developed in India (Made in India) that is part of a solution that you are building to solve an industry problem in the 4 vertical industries (Retail, Health, Industrial/Manufacturing, Banking) For enhancing customer experience or improving operational efficiencies
18. What is your elevator pitch? * (70 words)
(in 70 words or less - be specific and avoid jargon, mention your product/ solution, customer and benefit)
19. Problem/opportunity you are trying to address*
Describe (in 150 words)
- The problem/opportunity that you are developing in a non-confidential manner?
- Who are your target customer(s)?
- What have you done for validation: Methodology, efforts, proof of validation

20. What is your proposed solution to address the problem, also explain technology along with hardware component.*(150 words)
21. Do you have any a patent/applied for a patent?*
21b. What type of patent*
22. Market potential : Briefly describe the market for your product?* (150 words)

23. Competition* (in 100 words)

- Describe the competitive landscape and players
- Differentiator: What is your competitive advantage?
24. What is your revenue model?* (100 words)
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Section 4 - Others

27. How do you think being part of the program will help your business?* (50 words)
28. How did you hear about us?*
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