Current Cohort

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Kaaenaat Pvt. Ltd.

Intelligent Automotive Solutions, driver assistance for 2 wheelers.

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Combat Robotics India Pvt. Ltd.

Unmanned remote controlled chassis less robot.

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Cyrrup Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

VehicleBlackBox - vehicle management device for monitoring the performance of vehicle and driver behaviour.

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NOOS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Anti-counterfeit technology using one-way signature generation technology

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Entropik Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Emotion AI technology company, providing insights into consumer subconscious responses.

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SensoVision Systems

Quality inspection using machine vision and AI for manufacturing units.

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Constems-AI Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Computer vision-based AI solution for quality check.

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SkinCurate Research Pvt. Ltd.

Skin disease detection using smartphone based image analysis.

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Cyclops Medtech Pvt. Ltd.

Diagnostic and rehabilitation products for neuro vestibular disorders using eye tracking technology.

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Uber Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.

Cardiac monitoring device for data analytics, cloud storage and diagnostics workflow management.

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